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mockpp is a platform independent generic unit testing framework for C++. It's goal is to facilitate developing unit tests and integraton tests in the spirit of Mock Objects for Java, EasyMock and jMock.

Mock objects allow you to set up predictible behaviour to help you test your production code by emulating some functionality your code depends on. This might for example be a huge database which is too difficult and time consuming to exist just for testing purposes.

Getting Started With The Documentation

mockpp consists of a lot of classes in the meanwhile. Many of them are useless for daily coding. Some of them are internal helper classes, some are mere interface classes which are a remainder of the port from java. Some are only needed when you want to extend the library in some way.

To help finding the really important classes the library documentation is divided into the groups below. Please note that there is also a tutorial available which introduces into the library on the base of a simple example.

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