cppunit.cpp File Reference

#include <mockpp/mockpp.h>
#include <mockpp/Throwable.h>
#include <mockpp/visiting/VisitableMockObject.h>
#include <mockpp/chaining/ChainableMockObject.h>
#include <mockpp/chaining/ChainingMockObjectSupport.h>
#include "Calculator.h"
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class  ChainDemoMock
 A Chainable mock object. More...
class  VisitDemoMock
 A Visitable mock object. More...
class  Calculator_test
 A helper class for the unit tests. More...


int main (int argc, char **)

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int main ( int  argc,
char **   

Definition at line 280 of file cppunit.cpp.

References global_error.

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