mockpp::ChainableMockMethod0< RT > Class Template Reference
[Chaining behaviour of a Chainable Mock Object]

Set up a chainable mock method expectations with 0 parameters. More...

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Public Types

ChainableMockMethod0Common< RT >
 internal shorthand

Public Member Functions

 ChainableMockMethod0 (const String &name, ChainableMockObject *parent)
 Constructs the mock object.
RT forward () const
 Actually verifies the mocked method.

Detailed Description

template<typename RT>
class mockpp::ChainableMockMethod0< RT >

Set up a chainable mock method expectations with 0 parameters.

Definition at line 102 of file ChainableMockMethod0.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename RT >
mockpp::ChainableMockMethod0< RT >::ChainableMockMethod0 ( const String name,
ChainableMockObject parent 
) [inline]

Constructs the mock object.

name human readable description about the expectation
parent parent chainable mock object

Definition at line 113 of file ChainableMockMethod0.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename RT >
RT mockpp::ChainableMockMethod0< RT >::forward (  )  const [inline]

Actually verifies the mocked method.

Must be called by the client code.

the calculated value

Definition at line 122 of file ChainableMockMethod0.h.

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