mockpp::InvocationMockerBuilder< AMB > Member List

This is the complete list of members for mockpp::InvocationMockerBuilder< AMB >, including all inherited members.
expect(const MatcherHolder< I > &expectation)mockpp::InvocationMockerBuilder< AMB > [inline]
getBuilderNamespace()mockpp::InvocationMockerBuilder< AMB > [inline, protected, virtual]
getMocker()mockpp::InvocationMockerBuilder< AMB > [inline, protected, virtual]
id(const String &invocationID)mockpp::InvocationMockerBuilder< AMB > [inline]
internalWith_cs(const MOCKPP_CS &constraintset)mockpp::InvocationMockerBuilder< AMB > [inline, protected, virtual]
InvocationMockerBuilder(StubMatchersCollection< R, I > *in_mocker, BuilderNamespace *in_builderNamespace)mockpp::InvocationMockerBuilder< AMB > [inline]
match(const MatcherHolder< I > &customMatcher)mockpp::InvocationMockerBuilder< AMB > [inline, virtual]
setStub(const StubHolder< R, I > &stubAction)mockpp::InvocationMockerBuilder< AMB > [inline, virtual]
with_cs(const MOCKPP_CS &constraintset)mockpp::InvocationMockerBuilder< AMB > [inline, protected, virtual]
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