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Where and how to download mockpp

  • There are several ways to download a mockpp package. The easiest way is to visit the download area which contains the main releases and from time to time a preview of the next main release.
  • If you want to be up to date with the most recent version you might update using anonymous subversion access. See the generic description provided by Sourceforge.


You need CppUnit or some other testing framework to fully benefit from mockpp. A modified version of CxxTest is included.

Since mockpp uses automake and friends you should not need to do more than running "configure" and "make install". If you are using a non-GNU platform you should search in the topmost directory of the source distribution if project files for your platform are available.

You you don't find them and you decide to create yourself, please send them to me.

For more information please refer to the installation section of the devlopers guide.


From my personal experience mockpp 1.7.1 is running perfectly on

  • Linux (SuSE 8.2) + gcc 3.4
  • Linux (SuSE 9.2) + gcc 3.3
  • OpenBsd 3.1 + gcc 2.95.3. Unfortunately the state of this compiler version is a bit fragile regarding mockpp. It crashes with internal compiler errors on certain source code without identifiable reason.
  • Windows (ME, NT) + Borland CBuilder 5
Since OpenBSD is a working platform I assume that other *BSD and *nix flavours work fine as well.

From reports and little personal experience I know that the following combinations work more or less fine, too:

  • Windows + MSVC6/MSVC7 up to mockpp 1.1.16.
  • Windows + MSVC7.1. Please note that MSVC6.0 compiles the library itself but fails on a lot of test files. This is (among other problems) due to its weak support for templates. The state of MSVC7.0 seems similar.
  • Windows + Borland CBuilder6. Use the project files under bcb5 and tweak them a bit (e.g. add stlport.lib or similar).

The following combination had problems but I expect it to work now:

  • HP-UX 11 + g++ 3.2 (version 1.1.16)

Reports about other working platforms or even contributions how to achive it are highly welcome.

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Last updated on November 11. 2011
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